Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Flax Trav.A.Ganza Sale extended!

We have extended our Flax.Trav.A.Ganza Sale because it was so popular with our customers.  Here we are in the midst of our season, and we are offering our entire collection of FLAX Clothing on SALE!

Why?  Because we have tons of new 2017 on order, and arriving soon.  So its Out with the Old, and In with the New for Tender Treasures.  This is a Limited TIME SALE, so please act soon before our inventory is sold!  Enjoy!!

Homage to our UPS Men in Brown

A few years back my husband and I were driving along, listening to Garrison Keillor's Writers Almanac and the following poem was the reading of the day. Its been on my mind during this holiday season and I wanted to share it with you.

Poem: "Why I Have A Crush On You, UPS Man" by Alice N. Persons, from Don't Be A Stranger. © Sheltering Pines Press, 2007. Reprinted with permission.

Why I Have A Crush On You, UPS Man

you bring me all the things I order

are never in a bad mood

always have a jaunty wave as you drive away

look good in your brown shorts

we have an ideal uncomplicated relationship

you're like a cute boyfriend with great legs

who always brings the perfect present

(why, it's just what I've always wanted!)

and then is considerate enough to go away

oh, UPS Man, let's hop in your clean brown truck and elope !

ditch your job, I'll ditch mine

let's hit the road for Brownsville

and tempt each other

with all the luscious brown foods —

roast beef, dark chocolate,brownies, Guinness, homemade pumpernickel, molasses cookies

I'll make you my mama's bourbon pecan pie

we'll give all the packages to kind looking strangers

live in a cozy wood cabin

with a brown dog or twoand a black and brown tabby

I'm serious, UPS Man.

Let's do it.

Where do I sign?

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Bath and Body products from Thistle Farms featured at Tender Treasures

#LoveHeals is the motto for Thistle Farms, where women who have survived lives of prostitution, violence and abuse come together to heal.  The women live together and support each other through the work of Thistle Farms, a non-profit bath and body-care business run by the women. Tender Treasures is proud to carry these wonderful products where love has gone into each and every product packed by hand.  


FLAX.Strav.A.Ganza sale on all 2016 Flax Clothing at Tender Treasures

Drop by the Tender Treasures website at for a treat.  All Flax clothing now on Sale from 30%-50% OFF from November 24-28 only!