Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Moving right Along

At the end of August, Tender Treasures will be moving! We will be moving our retail store to our Altadena location. This is an exciting time for Tender Treasures as we re-invent ourselves once again by consolidating our two locations, and creating a retail space in our spacious and beautiful Altadena location.

We are looking forward to having our whole staff in one place, which will be so much fun for all of us. Also, all of our inventory will be in one place so no more transfers daily, and no more waiting for merchandise because it is over at the other location.

We're religiously collecting all of our customers information so we can invite you to our grand opening, probably at the end of September, or the beginning of October. Watch for your invitations in the mail, or by e-mail.

Be sure to give a call if you have any questions, and in the meantime we have a mean SALE going on at the retail store, so please stop by, update your information, and join in the fun of moving sale bargains.


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