Sunday, March 29, 2009

Once Again its time to Re-Create

Ok..I"m in my 60's and most people are ready to start thinking about retirement...but that doesn't even seem remotely possible for me right now. There is just TOOOOOOO much new stuff going on that I would miss out on if I retired and started cooking, gardening, travelling, or add to my already full load of community service.

Just when I thought that I had a real handle on the new entrepreneurial future of my business on the comes Twitter and Facebook. Here comes SOCIAL NETWORKING. The economy is in the toilet, and there is no one in the retail stores because everyone is so afraid to be tempted to buy something......and I discover that all these people who used to be out walking around, shopping, going in and out of the stores, entertaining themselves are now......



There are teeming masses of people talking about their lives, their thoughts, their experience, and every little thing that is happening to them right now. "What is on your mind?" says Facebook....and "What are you doing" says Twitter.

Since my business is the lens through which I view the world, and flow all my interests....of course I"m getting into it. I see this as a REALLY HUGE new development in the internet....and one that has not yet been "monetized" but I can assure you that someone will figure out how to do that pretty soon. There are teams of people up tonight trying to figure out how they can capitalize on this new Social Networking craze. For now, I"m just enjoying the connections, and looking at ways to utilize the technology to reach my customers.

So...what I have done is to set up a Tender Treasures page on Facebook. You can become a fan here:

Once I get some folks who are fans...I can offer you guys some special deals here. REally special one hour deals and you will get your post on FACEBOOK. I think this sounds pretty fun. So...check that out, become a fan.

You can also follow me on Twitter as I talk about my own personal life and what we are doing in the business. I don't know...should I separate the personal from the professional??? I can't decide so for now I"m just mixing it all up in one cocktail of stuff...

Follow me on Twitter at:

Let see where this all leads!!! I"m not sure but I"m sure it will all be fun.