Tuesday, September 09, 2008

California Prop 8

Tender Treasures is a store for women and children. Beautiful moms and children come into my store all day long, and our mission is particularly oriented towards anything connected to the idea of family.

Recently, in solidarity with the many women I know who have families who are gay, and in support of the parents of the children to whom my husband and I are godparents, I took a night to work the phone banks to solicit volunteers in the campaign to defeat California Prop 8...the Gay marriage ban. As many of you know, the California Supreme Court upheld the rights of gay couples to marry...as constitutional. Now there is a constitutional amendment which seeks to reverse that legal decision.

Sitting in a room of 30 people as the only straight person was one of the most profound experiences of my life. Being in the presence of wonderful people who only want the right to share a committment to their partner made me feel ashamed of the way I take that precious right for granted. If you feel that family, and marriage are important then why not make sure that everyone has the right to be included. If you life in California, vote NO on Prop 8.


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