Sunday, August 05, 2007

Charity Auction on EBAY

I am trying something new! Thinking of creative ways to raise money for the charities we support at Tender Treasures is a particularly enjoyable task for me. We've done lots of things in the past 25 years to help out our friends. At one point, we asked our Beanie Baby customers to bring a pound of coffee for the local homeless shelter, and they would get a discount on their purchases. We raised 5000 lbs of coffee for the homeless shelter, enough to last for a couple of years!!

Ongoing, we have a special rack called "Claire's Closet" which is cool recycled children's clothes that my daughter Claire finds during her constant thrift store shopping. We sell them and give the money to the Glendale Humane Society, a local no-kill shelter with a heart.

So now..I'm trying something new! I have lots of vintage Angelheart clothing, the special collections that were designed as a higher end offering by Jeanne Englehart when she owned the Flax company. I am putting them up on Ebay for sale, and donating the proceeds to Glendale Humane Society, as well as Union Station Homeless Services. So, for you Angelheart collectors, take a look.


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