Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Re-Entry from Vacation

I wasn't sure how to re-enter my world at Tender Treasures after Vacation! It was glorious and re-energizing and so far removed from the day to day efforts of just getting out all of those orders every day and making sure that all our beautiful and wonderful customers were taken care of! But here I am. I have been filling the orders myself this weekend because of the holiday. My staff has a much needed weekend off, so I"m here at the ware house and just having a blast by myself.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

May 2007 Vacation

Russ and I just returned from a wonderfully restful vacation in Santa Fe New Mexico. I grew up in New Mexico, and it is always a wonderful treat for me to return to the place where I once called home.
p>There is no place like it on earth. The sunlight is a golden, peachy and lavender glow that just surrounds you with a spectrum of warmth. The food which combines the Native American, Mexican and Spanish traditions includes the flavors of New Mexico Chile (you have not tasted CHILE until you taste New Mexico chile) and Blue Corn. There is fried bread called Sopaipillas that puff up when they are cooked, and become a hollow opening for local honey to be poured into the center and eaten.
Artists since the last century have journeyed to Santa Fe in search of this magnificent culture and light. So..you can spend days just browsing the artist galleries.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Starting out year 2007

2007 began with the death of my beautiful, brave mother Florence. She died from complications of Alzheimers Disease, but not without living a 91 year fantastic life that was widely celebrated each year on her birthdays.
The past few years with her were amazing. Alzheimers is a difficult and incredibly grueling disease for families...but we actually had a wonderful time with my mother. Somewhere along the line, I saw a celebrity on television describing her father's battle with Alzheimers. He told his children..."please do not leave me alone." That resonated with me, and our family set about organizing mother's life so that she was never alone. She had activities, and friends all day, every day. She spent the weekends with me. My husband, who is a musician, wrote arrangements of her favorite jazz standards and we had wonderful sessions on Saturday nights after dinner where Russ (my husband) would play the piano, my brother John would play the drums, and mom and I would accompany them on the tambourine, sticks, or other percussion instruments. What happened was nothing short of a miracle. Sometimes mother would not know where she was, or who we were before we began. After a couple of tunes, something would happen and on top of just pure joy, she was thinking more clearly. I do plan to write more about this, and other activities that we enjoyed together in hopes that someone else might benefit from what I called "Swing Therapy" for my mother. Write me if you want to know more.